More Careful in Maintaining Children's Weight

Maintaining a child's weight will affect the growth process. This cannot only be seen from the appearance of the child. Having the ideal weight is not only important for adults, children too. Every child has a different body type and a varied growth process. In addition, heredity is also very influential in the formation of the body and the development of a person's weight. Body Mass Index (BMI) or Body Mass Index (BMI) can be used to help you find out how to maintain a child's weight. This method was developed by experts to find out whether a person is in a healthy weight range according to his height. BMI is used as an indicator of body fat composition, including for children and adolescents. This method is considered as one of the simple methods to find out how healthy a child's weight is. To determine a child's BMI, accurate height and weight measurements must be taken. Personal measurements at home are not necessarily appropriate, so it is recommended to…
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